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060 ) 200ml Non-Alcohol Natural Vanilla Bean Extract (Halal) With Caviar Seeds


Product description:

Non-Alcohol dark brown vanilla extract from natural vanilla beans.


Equal to 100g vanilla beans per litre of extract.


Fresh vanilla beans, Glycerine (Palm Free) 50%, water. All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no colouring agents, no restricted substances, no allergens.


Chemical Free. The Bourbon Vanilla beans used in this product were cultivated without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilisers.


pH 4.7. Density 1.11kg/L. Soluble in water, ethanol. Not soluble in oil


Plate Count CFU/g:

Yeast Count CFU/g:

Mould Count CFU/g:


Coliform MPN/g:   

E.coli MPN/g:

Salmonella per 25g:

Listeria per 25g:    

19,000 Limit 1m

< 100

< 100

< 100

< 3

< 3

Not Detected

Not Detected


Ice creams, pastry, confectionery, etc

Suggested Dosage:

10-16g extract per kg

Shelf Life:

24 months, un-opened @ < 20 °C

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