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030) 100g Dehydrated Manuka Honey Powder


Honey extract powder is made from pure Manuka Honey and has been manufactured using a patented technique to dehydrate honey at very high purity levels. This captures the nutrition, flavor, taste and colour of the pure honey.  

Product description:

Dehydrated Pure Manuka Honey Powder.


One kilogram of powder equals 0.58 kilogram of Manuka Honey.


Manuka Honey, Topioca Maltodextrin. All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no colouring agents, no restricted substances, no allergens.


Chemical Free. The natural Manuka Honey used in this product has been cultivated without the use of chemicals or blended with any other substances.


Moisture content maximum 4.5%, granulation 95% passing 80 mesh, soluble in water.


Plate Count CFU/g:

Mould Count CFU/g:

Coliform MPN/g:     

E.coli MPN/g:

Salmonella per 25g:


< 100


Not Detected

Not Detected


Flavouring to dry powder products. Natural sweetener where higher nutritional values and lower glycaemic index than sugar is needed. High energy source during intense physical exertion. Natural skin exfoliator. Used as primary ingredient in baby formula for sweetening and colour. Used extensively in the cosmetics industry. Melted or roasted into confectionery such as caramelised nuts. Used as natural and healthy sweetener for muesli and cereals.

Suggested Dosage:

30g extract powder per kg or to taste.

Shelf Life:

12 months in tightly sealed container @ < 20 °C.

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