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041) 1.8kg Vanilla Caviar Paste


Product description:

Pure vanilla bean caviar paste.


Natural vanilla seeds 50% (%,W/W). Natural vanilla extract one fold concentration equal to 100g vanilla beans per litre of extract 50% (%,W/W)


Dried natural vanilla seeds. Vanilla bean extract (fresh vanilla beans, alcohol 15%, sugar, water. All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no colouring agents, no restricted substances, no allergens.


Chemical free. The natural vanilla used in this product were cultivated without the use of artificial fertilisers and processed without the use of chemicals.


Moist thick paste. Granulation of vanilla seeds 100% passing 60 mesh.


Plate Count CFU/g:

Mould Count CFU/g:

Coliform CFU/g:         

E.coli CFU/g:

Salmonella in 375g:

740,000. Limit 1m

3       00. Limit: <1,000

<       10. Limit: <100

<       10. Limit: <10



Ice creams, pastry, deserts, confectionery, etc

Suggested Dosage:

12g - 16g vanilla caviar paste per kg

Shelf Life:

24 months, un-opened @       <       20       °C

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