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Natural Vanilla Store stocks dried Vanilla Caviar Seeds which is produced from Bourbon Vanilla Pods. The pure dried Vanilla Caviar Seeds is a must for ice creams, pastries and desserts so that it can been seen that real vanilla has been used.


Our Vanilla Caviar Seeds are produced from Bourbon Vanilla Beans that have been cultivated without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilizers.


We stock several package size options for the supply of our Vanilla Caviar Seeds from large 20kg carton to suit our commercial customer needs at bulk discount rates down to small orders for retail customers. Current size options are as follows:


  • 20g Sample Pack
  • 200g Stand-up Pouch
  • 1kg Vacuum Sealed Block
  • 4kg Vacuum Sealed Block
  • 10kg Carton
  • 20kg Carton